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WOODEN BOAT Photography

Jeff Eichen has been photographing the PNW's most prestigious Boat festival for 20 Years.  See and meet Jeff at this Year's 2023 WBF. He will be Teaching 2 times during the Weekend "Tips & Tricks of Woodenboat Photography"

GenCor-a 10in.jpg

Jeff Eichen's Wooden Boat Photography 2000's

Jeff Eichen has been a regular presenter and photographer on the Water for 20 years. He teaches 2 times this year 2023:
Nautical Photography Tips & Tricks Friday 11 AM Cruising stage
Nautical Photography Tips & Tricks from click to print. Saturday 2 PM Discovery Stage

Also Stop by Jeff's Merch + Fine-Art Photography Booth this year and take home a WBF image fopr your Gallery

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